Release Martin Guerrero, Hays County business owner and father of five!

UPDATE: Your chants, calls and petitions were heard! ICE dropped the hold and Martin was released!




We, the undersigned, call on the Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler,

to immediately release Martin Guerrero Alvarado (Inmate # 884522) from the County Jail. Sheriff Cutler, you have the discretion release this this local business owner, father to 4 U.S. citizen children and a DACA recipient.


On June 29th, Martin was stopped by police after passing a stop sign a mile away from his home. Rather than give him a ticket, the officers proceeded to arrest Martin in front of his daughter for driving without a license. He is now being held at the Hays County Jail. ICE has placed an immigration hold on him and could transfer him to a detention center for deportation at any moment.


Martin, 47, arrived to the United States when he was in his late teens and built a business and a family here. He has lived in Texas since arriving to the United States and calls Dripping Springs his home.


Martin and his family are the typical American family. Martin has a masonry business and works across all of Central Texas with many clients worried for his safety. Now that he hasn’t been on his diabetic medication for the last few days, his U.S. citizen children  are also worried about his safety since ICE has a track record of not providing medicine to diabetic patients in detention. Martin is also the main breadwinner for his family and without him the family would fall on hard financial times. He is also an active member of his local catholic church and is well known in the community for his kindness.


Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler, we are now calling on you to uphold your residents’ 4th amendment rights and not honor the ICE request that courts across the country have found unconstitutional. SB4 has not been implemented yet, and you have the opportunity to stop wasting your county resources and let this Father of 3 U.S. Citizen children and a DACA recipient go. We urge you to release Martin Guerrero Alvarado (Inmate # 884522) from the Hays County Jail and drop the ICE hold on him.




Call Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler @ 512-393-7800

San Antonio ICE Field Office @ (210) 283-4750


Sample Script: "I am calling to ask that you drop the ICE hold on Martin Guerrero Alvarado (Inmate # 884522)  and release him from Hays County Jail in Texas. Martin is a business owner and a father to 5  children - 4 U.S. citizens and a DACA recipient. SB4 has not been implemented yet, you have the power to not honor the ICE hold and stop wasting your county’s resources, we are calling on you to release him immediately "